Every student is expected to observe the following rules:

(i) Attending all the school functions is compulsory. No leave will be granted. Absence will be viewed seriously.

(ii) lt is in the interest of the students that they reach at least 10 minutes before the assembly bell. No late comer will be allowed after the assembly bell.

(iii) No parents are allowed to meet their child during the school hours.

(iv) No parents are allowed to take their child from the school during the school hours. However an exceptional ground the parents can do so after taking permission from the concerned teacher and principal. lt should be treated as casual affair.

(v) Non- Kesadhari boys should keep their hair short. Patka is compulsory for the kesdhari boys upto 5th class.

(vi) Special care should be taken of the school properly and no student should scrap or spoil the benches, scrabble on the walls or in any way damage the school property. Damages will be recovered from the defaulters.

(vii) Parents must ensure that the children come to school regularly and punctually. They must be dressed up properly in the school uniform. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and for all the school functions .

The principal reserves the right to send the child home at the parent’s own risk if he / she is not properly dressed.

(viii) Students should not bring valuable articles to the school. Girls must not wear ear rings and valuable ornaments. School will not responsible for any loss of such valuable article.

(ix) Students should go home straight after the school is over. Any student found loafing around would be punished there and then.

(x) Students using the school transport should be careful not to board or alight from the moving bus.

(xi) The principal reserves the right to turn out a student whose progress is unsatisfactory or whose behavior is harmful to the other children.


Absence from the school is not in the interest of the students, parents are earnestly not to apply for leave if they can avoid it. The leave as a rule is to be applied for and the sanction obtained. lt should not be treated as the casual affair. Absentees will be charged at the rate of Rs. 5 per day. Wilful absence will be viewed seriously.